We are SPIN

We are a charitable organisation based in Manchester, tackling the ongoing issue of homelessness and poverty.

Our purpose is to feed, shelter, clothe, and generally support the homeless and people in need of Greater Manchester.

Our beginnings

SPIN started in 2014 when two brothers took it upon themselves to collect food that would otherwise be thrown away by supermarkets and restaurants and distribute it to the homeless in Manchester.

Walking all around Manchester to deliver hot food gradually brought the idea of a static street kitchen. Through the network they developed they eventually made it into a reality. However, it didn’t stop there, as they were soon offered a project by the pastor of a local dilapidated church in Ardwick, to regenerate said church into a sanctuary for the homeless.

A year later, SPIN brought the street kitchen indoors, in order to put a roof over our homeless friends while they eat in the cafeteria with proper cutlery and a warm environment. As the kitchen attracted more rough sleepers, SPIN started to focus on providing accommodation to said people. And now, the focus shifted to improving the Well in order to welcome more people in need.

Our mission

To provide restaurant standard food, shelter and education to Manchester’s rough sleepers. To manage and maintain a safe and warm haven for those on the street with no hope and no help to start their journey back into normal society. To provide them with the opportunities and the tools to get back into full-time work and to manage their own accommodation and lifestyle.

The team

SPIN would not be possible without the help and support of our volunteers. Given our lack of funding, the work we do is fuelled by them. And so, thanks to our dedicated friends, we are able to fulfill our goal of providing food, education and shelter to those in need.

Be part of the team

Get involved with SPIN, volunteer and make a difference in person, or help us fund our cause so we may continue to operate and grow.

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